What The Meaning Is Instructional Media?

What The Meaning Is Instructional Media? - Media education in general is a process of learning and teaching aids. Everything that can be used to stimulate thoughts, feelings, concerns and abilities or skills of the learners so as to encourage the learning process. This limitation is quite extensive and includes in-depth understanding of the source, the environment, human and methods used for the purpose of learning / training.Meanwhile, according to Briggs (1977) instructional media is the physical means to deliver content / learning materials such as books, movies, videos and so on. Then, according to the National Education Associaton (1969) revealed that the learning media is a means of communication in the form of print or view-hearing, including hardware technology.The position of instructional media. Therefore, the learning process is a process of communication and take place within a system, the learning media occupy an important position as one of the components of the learning system. Without the media, communication will not occur and the learning process as a communication process also can not take place optimally. Instructional media is an integral component of the learning systemFrom the above opinion concluded that the learning media is anything that can deliver the message, it can stimulate the thoughts, feelings, and the willingness of learners so as to encourage the creation of a learning process in self-learners.According to Edgar Dale, in education, the use of instructional media often uses the principle Cone experience, which requires media such as textbooks, learning materials created by teachers and "audio-visual".

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